5-8 October 2022

Excited to be part of Rehearsing Hospitalities 4# program with Engy Mohsen as (K-oh-llective) , invited by curator Farbod Fakharzadeh and Frame Finalnd.

photo by photographer Sheung Yiu

25 October 2021

Glad to be selected among other 100 artists to receive the Seed Award from Prince Clause Foundation. 

16 September 2021

Happy to start my research residency with Pro Helvetia in Zurich, Switzerland. 

26 March 2021

My work “Conversations in a Beehive” is  selected to for the “Roznama Prize” awarded from the British Council in Egypt.

11 March- 8 April 2021

Glad that my work “Conversations in a Beehive” is  selected to participate in the 8th edition of Roznama at CIC (Cairo Image Colective).

November 2020 - 2021

Self Organizations fund by Mophradat 2020-2021

So much excited to start a collective project with two artists; Nadia Mounier and Mai Elshazli  to create a collective space for working mothers in the arts, in which our children can be a part of our practice, and through which we can analyze and reflect on their shared experiences and circumstances.

January 2021

“Please, don’t look at the moon” soundtrack will be played on duuu radio or live praxes page.

17th, 16th January 2021

October 2020

"Second movement: Birds watching" will be shown as part of Hotel 

Beethoven: A World Theatre exhibition at BOZAR - Centre of Fine Arts in Brussels.

13 October 2020- 17 February 2021


October 2020
“While being an Octopus” will be shown  as part of group exhibition at Tetuhi Art space in Auckland, New Zealand.

1st - 4th October 2020

May 2020

"Artist At Work" group exhibition, curated by Noor Abed at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah.

Online exhibition:https://artistatworkkscc.com/Rania-Atef

December 2019

End of year exhibition of MASS Alexandria program 2018/2019

13-15 December, Alexandria

November 2019

"While being an Octopus" will be shown in Switch Art Project, Nenagh, Ireland.

3-10 November 2019

October 2019

"Not only Ostriches bury their heads in sand" will be installed at IN/OUT Festival by the museum of Fine arts in Amman, Jordan.

15-31 October 2019